The enterprise

DIETHELM BERATUNGEN is a global and independent consulting firm based in Berlin. Founded in 2011 by Benjamin Diethelm, it advises individuals, families and enterprises the whole world over – particularly in the German-speaking area and Europe – in the following fields: 

  • Geopolitics
  • Capital formation
  • Human development
  • Responsible entrepreneurship
  • Spirituality

DIETHELM BERATUNGEN operates independently and free from all external interests both in its quest for knowledge and its advisory function. It is only committed to its unconditional interest in the truth, to the assumption of all responsibility for its own actions and to the desire to create something of value, both for its clients and the world at large.

To achieve this, DIETHELM BERATUNGEN seeks to bring together outstanding artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs and, together with them, to offer a service that helps the individual to realise his freedom and to liberate himself from all forms of mastery over him. For, at heart, the individual himself is the originator of the truth, freedom and love for which he, as a human being, is searching for.